The Ungentleman

Today we consider the Ungentleman (ia bardus). Despite the name, the Ungentleman can be of both genders but is most often personified as a male. When the bus is full and more people enter, the Ungentleman is the one who will never, ever yield his seat. Despite being a young, healthy, athletic man, the Ungentleman staunchly ignores the presence of those who need his seat more. A woman might be a mother with shopping bags, crutches, and a small child but he will not waver. She could be giving birth on the Ungentleman’s shoes but he will not flinch. She might also be disabled, elderly, and in a full body cast being dragged about by trained chipmunks, but she still has to clunk past him towards the one free seat at the back of the bus, because the Ungentleman will keep to the unwritten law of public transportation and elevators: if there is no eye contact, you don’t exist, so there is no need to stand up.


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