The Mama

Today’s Person is The Mama. She sits in her own section of the bus surrounded by her brood, a loud, feisty, sticky mass of children who squirm and shout and fight amongst themselves. The brood mostly govern themselves, dealing harshly with such internal matters as “looking at me” and “said a bad word” through the simple expedient of whining and violence, but serious crimes like “won’t stop hitting me” and “won’t give it back” are brought to the Mama for adjudication.

She totally ignores her brood until she is invoked (or provoked) by a child, whereupon she becomes the very avatar of wrath and vengeance, bellowing her war cry of “Mama will SMACK! Mama will SMACK!”, dispensing summary judgement and punishment to any within arm’s reach. Sadly she lacks the consistency necessary to good child training, teaching them only that they can get away with anything as long as nobody tells Authority, and that Authority is capricious and arbitrary, punishing by proximity rather than guilt. Now I come to think of it, that might actually be a useful life lesson.


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