The Dedicated Employee

This morning’s #peopleofpublictransport is the Dedicated Employee. The Employee sits on the bus, laptop on knee, and pages of emails, notes, memoranda, and miscellanea spread out around the bench.

The bus journey is sent revising sales figures, updating spreadsheets, sending emails, and generally making quiet sounds of industry on the keyboard. The Dedicated Employee might be better named the Desperate Employee, as it is clear that there is a deadline – every time the bus stops he peeks up over the screen and out the window, a more terrified look every time, as he draws ever nearer to his stop.

He renews his frenzied typing every time the bus lurches forwards, striving to complete the work before he gets to the office, but “less haste, more speed” should be his motto – he frequently swears under his breath, a sound accompanied by choking sobs and the ferocious clacking of the backspace key.

Unlike most #peopleofpublictransport, I see the Dedicated Employee get off the bus. He stuffs his laptop into his bulging bag, straightens his shirt, and carefully removes the panic from his face, fixing an easy smile as he steps from the bus. His body language is entirety opposed to the attitude he wishes to convey.


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