The Extreme Bus Driver

Today’s #peopleofpublictransport, just for a change, is a bus driver. The Extreme Bus Driver has two pedals, and by God he will be using one of them at all times – and heavily.

This driver typically drives busy, standing room only buses at rush hour.┬áThe second the last passenger has crossed the threshold he will slam his fist on the “close door” button and stamp on the gas, heedless of the new passengers trying to swipe or pay using the pedestal pay machine, causing unsecured objects and small children to roll to the back of the bus. If you are not grasping a handhold you will most likely end up toppling over from the sudden acceleration. Do not attempt to reach balance! The second you adjust to the acceleration he will stamp on the brake, and alternate this to keep anyone standing off their center of gravity. The only way to cope with this is to fling yourself to the nearest handhold and grasp for dear life, be it handrail or other passenger’s pony tail.

If you find yourself standing during a ride driven by this driver, hang on tight. If you are sitting, prepare to become inappropriately acquainted with everyone around you as they plunge face first into your chest and/or lap.


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