The Flirter

The Flirter is a male who feels compelled to share his wit and charm with everyone around him – as long as they are female. He is a close relative to the Chatty Cathy. He spends the journey trying to interest a woman – any woman – in his day, his weekend, his life, anything about himself. Typically he will be wearing a hat to disguise his receding hairline and obnoxiously¬†up-to-the-microsecond cool clothing to disguise his shallowness, making it clear he has “dressed up” for the day.

Worldly women move to avoid him, but younger women tend to stay too close, where he will lean over the seat back or across the aisle to talk to them. Their usual response is to giggle in an uncomfortable manner, give evasive replies to everything, and broadcast “go away” body language at him, but he is deaf to their discomfort. Hearing him clumsily hit on a girl fifteen years his junior is one of the awkward parts of life on public transport.


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